"Burns goes to the roots of this therapy with penetrating interviews with Dr. Francine Shapiro and wide-ranging explorations of how EMDR has been a breakthrough for combat trauma victims, those affected by sexual assault and child abuse, survivors of natural disasters, and civil strife across a troubled planet." - Bob Gelbach, EMDR HAP

"Michael is an accomplished film maker and I'm impressed by his efforts to record the dynamic history of EMDR so that trained clinicians and the general public will have a better understanding about this important therapy and how it can save lives." - Scott Blech, EMDRIA

"A film about EMDR is a fantastic idea because we have the drama of people's lives playing out times ten. People are truly changing by using this and it's an amazing experience to watch. I see my clients facing their fears and grabbing hold of their true selves every single say and I expect everyone who watches this film to ask, 'How come I haven't heard about this before?'" - Heidi Salonia, therapist

"Having known and worked with Michael very closely, I know that the record of EMDR is in good, compassionate hands." - Pauline Neil, therapist